the meme agency takes customer engagement to an entirely different level by providing products that can truly capture your audience.

“…MASS ME was such a success during the exhibition and created an incredible buzz throughout the art and education worlds, EventGallery 910Arts decided to feature the piece a month longer than initially planned – that I can say is something that has never happened at this gallery in the 6 years we have been open…Overall MASS ME and the meme agency provided and exceeded even my wildest expectations. The meme agency’s contacts, attention to detail for hosting great events, and overall passion to be a success made them wonderful to work with…”
Kelli McMurty - Events, Bar and Exhibition Coordinator, EventGallery 910Arts
“Wow! The Launch of MASS ME, an innovative multimedia project made from art. I was impressed by the meme agency’s ability to create a packed house and generate sales for its original event and the attention to detail regarding collaboration with the multiple vendors involved in the project (to make sure each received the best outcome possible).”
Doni Luckutt - Owner, CULTURS Magazine

Whether your goal is to generate additional revenue streams, disseminate important information, or create a unique functional multimedia centerpiece for your lobby, the effectiveness of a customized MASS ME experience is superior to any other local marketing medium.



Yes, you can purchase a typical kiosk for your business…but why would you?

Audio and/or visual, art has always had a profound effect on the human psyche.  the meme agency places a strong emphasis on the artistic direction of each custom MASS ME Experience. The aesthetics of MASS ME grabs the attention of the viewer and a powerful customized content management system, with your information, keeps them engaged.

Progressive companies looking to utilize a unique internal or external medium that demands attention and increases (ROI). MASS ME takes an artistic approach to high-tech signage.

  • Display company brand, products, and/or services
  • Generate advertising revenue
  • Download proprietary business updates real-time
  • Drive customer sales with rotating call-to-action commercials
  • Be a point of destination at trade shows and conventions
  • Create a unique point-of-sale display
  • Customized content management system

MASS ME guarantees a captive audience for your message.

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MASS ME (Multimedia Art and Signage System) is technology infused art “experiences”.  From wall mounted structures to free standing sculptures, MASS ME is designed to inspire businesses and/or private art enthusiasts in the creative process of personalized multimedia compositions; providing maximum stimulation and functionality for the audiences.

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The making of the Damn U Look Good project: Music Video
Music written, recorded, arranged, produced, and mixed by
Tommy McMillion for the meme agency
Vocals : Sethe Tucker

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