They like us!

“…It is with great conviction that I recommend the meme agency to anyone looking for a partner to support the brand and marketing aspect of their business. I look forward to many years of working together and again, am so thankful for our partnership!”
Andi Burgis - CEO, Challenge U, LLC
“…I find that I seldomly have the time (or the patience) to provide step-by-step instructions on how to bring our vision to life. But it has been with great and unexpected pleasure that we found a partner in meme that not only “gets it” but has added so much more personality to our brand,” “…I take great personal pride in the work that we do; and I am 100% unwilling to compromise that. You (meme) seem to appreciate that as much as I do; and I completely trust that you care as much about our business as you do about your own.”
Joe Giglio - President & CEO, Oncology Trials Insights
I had the pleasure of working with the meme agency when opening a new business unit for Pemco Ltd. During that time, I reached out to them for assistance in building a logo, branding and a “look” that would set us apart from our competition. the meme agency is engaging, professional and as creative as any marketing company I’ve ever had an opportunity to work with. They encourage strong collaboration and have an innate ability to understand and articulate the overreaching impact of well-done design work. I would recommend the meme agency for any business or individual needing to make a splash in their respective markets!
Nikki Irwin - Senior Managing Director, PEMCO Realty